YuTU is a social network where you connect by reaching out to others

Stephen Champion
2 minutes read
YuTU is an innovative new social network where you reach out to others – a fast-moving and novel way of connecting on social media. Allow yourself to be your amazing self! Make new friends and expand your world together with people all around you, every day.
Stop for a moment – block out your own needs – consider others in your local area. What do THEY think, what are THEIR needs, how can you get to know them, how can you help them out?
This is NOT a help app – YuTU is rapidly growing into a vibrant new social network with global reach, where you communicate by reaching out or by expressing your own needs. Post relevantly, thoughtfully, insightfully and often. The more you post, the more you’ll be known in your locality and the more relevant the YuTU conversation in your community will become. The YuTU online social network is designed to continue offline.
Share your free time by exchanging help and companionship with others making amazing new friends in your neighbourhood. Help out. Teach. Learn. Hang out. Advise. Be available. Take time to listen. Get to know your neighbours and others in your village, town or city. Be known as that person who knows what’s ‘going down’, how it’s done and what really matters.
Share good things you’ve been involved in or are planning and recommend them to others. Local groups and organisations will do the same on YuTU, so you’re in the know.
Do you need something done? It could be help with your assignments, fixing your bike, collecting shopping, fashion advice for a party, just having a chat and a laugh – or any one of a million different things. How about some computing help – no problem. Need a running, golf or gym companion – you’ll find someone on YuTU! Perhaps you need a serious conversation or some advice with someone who knows what you’re going through? Put it out there on YuTU and arrange to speak to someone confidentially through a YuTU private message.
Simply download the app and create a YuTU in just a few clicks. Add some photos to describe what you need or are offering, using humour or photo editing if you wish! Your YuTU will soon find someone locally who is actively interested in interacting with you and helping. Check their profile and location and start to chat on YuTU as you arrange things together.
Would you like to offer help with things you enjoy doing anyway, or skills you’d like to practice? You can either just login and wait for YuTUs to find you – or create your own YuTU offering help. Try choosing something you love doing anyway and would enjoy sharing with someone.
Join YuTU in changing culture to a more outward-looking, inter-dependent society where people consider other people as well as themselves. Have more fun, spend more time offline with new real-life friends. Get to know what’s going on around you. Be part of the YuTU community and reach out today!
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