Covid’s a bummer – how can YuTU help?

Stephen Champion
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The rapidly-growing new social networking app YuTU is all about connecting online to meet local people offline – to reach out, help out and hang out in the real world.

The pandemic’s ever-changing feast of laws and guidelines are all about staying in, not inviting visitors and hiding behind the face mask that your granny knitted.


Not quite so fast cowboy!

When we started developing YuTU as a radical new social network to connect people to help each other and share free time, we didn’t anticipate Covid … who did? But we decided to adapt and bring out a simple early version to help connect people during the pandemic.

The great advantage of YuTU is that you don’t have to find and then apply to join a local group, such as a Facebook or ‘Mutual Aid’ group. You simply download the app, and YuTUs prioritised by your location find you.

Ultimately, one day soon, when we’re all vaccinated, or Covid has mutated into no more than a snivel, that a rub of Vicks under the nose will nail, YuTU will connect you with amazing people nearby in real life. You’ll organise cool things, share your time and skills so you can get stuff done for free, find new people to play sport or hang out with, and make those new friends we’ve promised you.

When that time comes, the platform will have incredible new social features to explore and have fun with – some before the end of 2020. But in the meantime, we’d love you to start using YuTU, be one of the first in your community and encourage others.

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YuTU is all about sharing, helping and supporting, using the world’s resources wisely, considering other first. It’s a new ‘way of being’, and all the better that we can kick off during a pandemic! So, here’s a few suggestions about how you can use YuTU right now

  1. Simply introduce yourself on YuTU to your community – create a YuTU under ‘offering’ and say ‘hi’. It’s all about being social after all …
  2. Offer your time and skills to people around you who are not having the best time – they may be shielding, out of work or elderly and concerned.
  3. Help people out online for now, but because they’re local you might meet them in the future. This works well with help with studying or for advice.
  4. Find new companions for activities you love and can do within social distancing guidelines, for example a running or workout partner.
  5. Offer to lend or give stuff you don’t need for now, but that someone else might benefit from. (Brian from Oxford UK just at the time of writing posted a YuTU offering to lend a bike he doesn’t use to someone locally.)

Don’t wait for Covid-19 to fizzle out or for YuTU to bring out all our amazing new features at once!  Be interested and connected right now – and when we’re all vaccinated-up, we’ll be right there for each other!

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on YuTU. Please connect with us on our our social channels or at 

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