And 60% of 18-34 year olds say they are lonely. How can this be, when 90% of us are on social media? It begs the question, how ‘social’ is social media?  

How Social Is Social Media

Over the last 15 years we have seen a dramatic turn where we have become more comfortable with Facebook Friends than with those who live next door to us. But without that thrill of nerves when meeting a new person for the first time, or the connection of looking someone in the eye, aren’t we lacking the backbone of unspoken communication?  Can we hone our real-life social signals, can we play, fight, cry, forgive, empathise as we might in person? 

This is what some of the millennials we have spoken to said:

“You’re just not able to meet up with new people and we feel we’re losing social skills behind social media”
EW, 21, Edinburgh

“I never meet anyone locally through social media – there just isn’t the opportunity in London unless you know people already”
JA, 24, London

Pandemic aside, currently less than a quarter of people would consider knocking on someone’s door to begin to get to know them. LESS.THAN.A.QUARTER. So this is where YuTU comes in.

YuTU is a social network about getting a feel for who’s around you – who they are, what they do, need or might contribute. It’s about introducing yourself, being the authentic you, feeling ‘part of it’ and getting known for just that.  Think of YuTU is a metaphorical door that gives you the tools to get knocking and get social with people who live around you, in real life. 

Ready to try something new? To be in the know, and to get known? Just do this:
  1. Download the YuTU app and sign in
  2. Check in to your local area – select your city, town or village
  3. Scroll down the YuTU feed and see who’s around
  4. Reach out to others, and as soon as you’re ready hit the +Yu, introduce yourself and say something that makes you tick
  5. If you’re in an area that we’ve not got to yet, put yourself out there and be the first to post – there’ll be plenty of others who’ll soon follow suit.

We’re here to build a platform that enhances your life, every day!  Hit us up with questions and suggestions through our team account on the app, or email to 

Sophie, Stephen & Adrian, The YuTU Team

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