Find someone nearby to share the activities you enjoy most

Stephen Champion
2 minutes read

Would you like to find a companion locally to share your favourite activity with?

Finding someone can be a common frustration. Most of us have a selection of good friends collected over time but they don’t always share our interests or passions. Finding someone to go running with, join you for a gym workout, enjoy a game of tennis or as a dog walking companion (other than your loyal hound himself) isn’t always that straightforward.

You could always join a local club and meet like-minded people. But what if you’re just not a ‘clubby’ sort of person, they’re too full-on for you, or the hours or location just don’t suit? Perhaps you weren’t quite thinking ‘running club’ and more of 20 minutes around the park at a slow jog.

To be clear – it’s not that you’re ‘nobby no mates’ – far from it! Its just well, there’s maybe not a fit for what you need just now. You need a new person, but a bit like you, conveniently close, with similar interests, sportiness levels and perhaps fitness. Oh, and perhaps a decent line in conversation! This is where the new social networking app YuTU excels. YuTU is all about sharing free time with like-minded people, for helping out or just doing stuff. Simply download the free app, sign up using one of your social accounts and post your first ‘YuTU’.


Your YuTU will target other YuTU users in your local area who will get in touch by private message within the app to start a conversation. How do you work out if they a good fit for you? We are working on sophisticated personalised tools to help you do this. In the meantime, chat, check out their social profiles, consider a Zoom call.  Then politely accept or decline on the YuTU platform. Like always when you are communicating with people you don’t yet know, please prioritise your safety at all times. 


Many people have found local companions using YuTU, and some have become friends. Please remember we’re NOT a dating site – swipe right for those – we are about honest, fun, positive connections with local people. We suggest you give YuTU a try and expand your world – locally!

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