Help out others, be social and be yourself!

Stephen Champion
2 minutes read

At YuTU we believe that helping others out is the easiest way of getting to know people, and this is what our early users tell us.

When using YuTU, you get to decide who you help, when and with what. This means that usually you’re helping out with something you’re confident at doing and good at. You probably also enjoy doing it!

Cast your mind back for a moment to the last time you helped someone out – don’t worry if you find this difficult, you’re not alone. You might have felt good about yourself for helping with something the person couldn’t have done by themselves – moving a wardrobe, chatting through essay questions or proof-reading their CV. You may have enjoyed using a skill that was becoming rusty.

You may also have felt, but perhaps not recognised, a refreshing feeling that comes with putting yourself on hold – your ambitions, your issues, your conundrums – and focussing on someone else. You get a break from yourself for a while – and when you go back to yourself, you can see things in a clearer light.

Most of all, it is likely that you laughed with the person you were helping. Perhaps you made mistakes together, perhaps you gently jibed each other, perhaps even you realised you were equally as hopeless at the task! Of course, not all helping is light-hearted, but emotions are usually shared nonetheless.

Modern society makes it difficult for us to share these experiences with people like we used to. An increasingly online life, college and work pressures and now the Covid-19 pandemic!

At YuTU, our mission is to empower people to connect with each other, doing real stuff with real people, in the real world. Helping out, advising, just giving your free time to people like you. This is the easiest way to get to know people in your neighbourhood – people that you might see around or might become new connections or even friends.

Okay, YuTU is very new and fairly basic right now, but the principle is there. Over the next few months we will morph into a sophisticated social networking platform – once we fully understand how you want to use it – focussed on re-connecting people locally. A platform which is fun to use and allows you the potential of many exciting connections near to where you live. If this concept resonates with you, please be one of the first in your area to download the app, think about how you would like to help and post a YuTU.


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