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YuTU is a brand new concept in social networking – a hyper-local video app where you connect with similar people nearby by contributing to the community you create. 

‘Contributing’ can be as simple as introducing yourself and posting ideas, skills or actual things and what gives you a buzz. It could be talking about activities you like doing, something you can offer someone or sharing hot topics and the latest things happening in your area or your college. The idea is to contribute these things meaningfully and positively, however small, to get known and to grow a network of like-minded people around you. Eventually we’ll be doing stuff together in real life – so start thinking post-pandemic!

Choose Your Location on the App

When you open the app, you choose the local community that represents you best and where you want to contribute. We’d say the smaller the better, so if you’re in Oxford, why not choose your college instead of the whole city?  If you’re in London, select your borough.  

YuTU is an ‘open’ social network meaning your voice will be heard by everyone in the area you are broadcasting to, giving you the opportunity to create valuable connections nearby. What an opportunity right? So be bold and be one of the first. We know it’s not easy to be one of the first to jump on a new platform, but you’ve heard of Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Snapchat, they all started with the first few. 

Download The App


So, what’s in it for you? Besides gaining a bunch of new connections with other great people around you, developing your reputation in your area AND being the first of your mates to get on the best new social platform in 2021, you get the satisfaction of contributing something to make the world around you just a bit better. Need we go on? 

If we’ve still got you, you’re a perfect fit.  Tap this link here and download the app. Sign in with your socials, watch the intro videos, see if anything’s happening in your area, then hit the +Yu button and introduce yourself.  Here’s a guideline of how to introduce yourself to your new YuTU community.

your #intro Post

• Location location location, post about things that are locally relevant. 

 Post authentically, we want the real you, tell us what makes you happy.

• Post to benefit, interest & inspire others. Contribute, ask, offer. 

Remember, it’s always easier to do stuff when people you know are doing it too, so share YuTU with your friends and family. We’re growing fast, so get onboard! 

We’ll love you for any comments or feedback – on the app or

Sophie, Stephen & Adrian, The YuTU Team

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