Two thirds of Britons describe their neighbours as strangers

Stephen Champion
2 minutes read

In a recent study by the Skipton Building Society (2018), 68% of Britons describe their neighbours as strangers and over half don’t feel part of a neighbourly community.

Many people would agree that firstly this is truly regrettable, and secondly that the Covid-19 pandemic should improve inter-dependency in communities. Whether this fillip will be sustainable and why it matters are important questions.

At YuTU we see this as lamentable because we are not sharing the massive resources stored (like energy in a battery) within our communities. Resources like kindness and support, skills, know-how, local knowledge and events, similar interests or simply fun people to hang out with. Currently, three-quarters of people don’t know what hobbies or interests their neighbours enjoy, so there’s a fair way to go.  

YuTU is about positivity, about reaching out. We aren’t interested in the archetypal grumpy neighbour over the fence, general negativity and moans, gossip, boring stuff or helping out simply because we feel awkward otherwise. 

YuTU is a social network – all about getting a handle on who’s out therereaching out, helping out or just hanging out. Its about powerfully broadcasting positive stuff about what’s happening around you. It’s about getting known just for being who you are, simply by considering and interacting with others around you. It’s about introducing yourself, having fun, making new friends, feeling ‘part of it’ and not socially isolated. 

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You get to know who’s around you and who you can readily interact with – like an easy introduction with no strings attached. Currently less than a quarter of people would consider knocking on someone’s door to begin to get to know them – worried they’d come across as ‘too keen’. If and when you do want to connect, YuTU provides you with the free tools to do so.

By the end of 2020 YuTU will look radically different from our early version. You will be fully orientated on which location interests you and new YuTUs will allow you to be totally authentic and to assess others better, in an immediate and exciting way. We won’t say any more for now … 🙂

Please download the app, post a YuTU and keep automatic updates on. Spend a bit of time considering how you might fit into your community and what looking outwards to others might look like to you.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on YuTU. Please connect with us on our our social channels or at 

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