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Who needs help, who needs YuTU?

Stephen Champion
2 minutes read

Why do we find it so bloomin’ difficult to ask for help?

One of the few but significant upsides of the Covid-19 pandemic is that people have found an avenue to reach out to an awesome community of helpers just down the road. The ‘we’re all in it together mentality’ has lent itself to a resurgence of community-spiritedness and led to endless new friendships and bonds in our communities.

In recent years, prior to the pandemic we have found it difficult in the UK to ask for help. Various reasons are cited – fear of rejection and the subsequent embarrassment; fear of appearing weak; concerns about reciprocity and what people might want in return; security concerns; a belief in self-reliance etc. etc.

We’re not necessarily talking about deep and meaningful help here – although bring it on! We’re talking about those simple acts of kindness, of ‘a favour’, of ‘no bother I’ll just pop round’. Back in the day, before t’internet, social media, packed work and college schedules, people really lived in their communities as opposed to simply existing in them. It was nothing to ask someone locally to lend a hand. And with this came local knowledge, useful contacts, an awareness of the importance of trust (or lack of it), self-confidence, inter-dependency and often friendships.

Here’s the thing – you can get help for practically anything, because people are almost always willing to lend a hand. We are tribal in nature and want to help others. If you ask someone for help, they instinctively want to help, to give advice, to start to plan immediately for what is to be done.

Our mission at YuTU, the new social networking platform launched in the UK, is to make the process of asking for or offering help as natural as, well, having a bath. We see a time where people, stuck with something and unable to move forward, feel it is entirely normal to ask for help from someone around them. And since the majority of people are online and on social networks, this is where we meet them.

We see a time where people of all ages turn to others for even the smallest of issues they need help with, because it means meeting and interacting with new people – and we are social beings after all. We see a time where people scroll through the YuTU feed, fired up with considering other’s requirements and the social interactions this will offer them.

YuTU is still young, and we’ve got a lot of features, functionality and our own understanding to go. We’ve all got to start somewhere, and we’re in this together. If you believe that the concept of helping others can lead to amazing new social connections and strong communities, then please download the YuTU app with your friends and start YuTUing!


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