A social network that's built by you, for you.

We’ve created a new social currency where people share their time and skills, making offline connections and turning them into real life relationships. 

It is a space that allows communities to grow and positive interactions to thrive. 

Imagine if you could make new friends whilst learning Spanish together, nailing an impossible module alongside someone in final year, jamming guitar or brushing up your hockey skills 1-2-1 before an important match?

Then imagine if you could rethink your own skills, place a value on them and trade them with others around you?  You can as part of the YuTU community. 

Most importantly, YuTU is for everyone – real people just being themselves – not dominated by entertainers, influencers or celebs. 

It’s not focused on checking updates, FOMO, addictive scrolling and consuming others’ content. It’s about YuTU (you, too) – posting, connecting, contributing, receiving – locally.

We are a small, but mighty team, always on the lookout for talented pioneers who want to rethink social networking

If you’d like to join us, just hit ‘Let’s Connect’ below – we’d love to hear from you 🙂 

The people that make it happen…

Stephen Mackay-Champion,
CEO & Co-Founder

Adrian Antoci,
Senior Technology Advisor

Jennifer Mackay-Champion,

Roland Storti,
Product Architect

Nicole Masuku,
Head of PR & Project Management

Caitlin MacClay,
Head of Impact & Outreach

Kader Saka,
Senior Frontend Developer

Bianca Antoci,
Website Developer

Jessica Stark,
PR Team

Elle Tucker,
Advisory Board

Bill Kahlert,
Advisory Board

Our Student Advisory Board

Rhys Meredith

Benjamin Millard-Watkins

Josca Simoni

Josh Betts

Holly Mackay

Tim Arueyinggo

Trinity Kelly

Emma Berwick

Julia Pond

Ben Brearey

Dan Daly

Durness Mackay-Champion

Liam Potts

Sanam Mojarad

Ollie Campbell

Chris Sims

Tom Elliot Davis

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