Welcome to the Bristol x YuTU Skill Share Challenge – time to join in the fun!

YuTU is a brand new social network which you can use to connect with new and existing friends by sharing and trading your time and skills IRL




Download the YuTU app and sign in as a Bristol student using your Bristol Uni email address.
Join a couple of Social Circles to post in – or create your own. 


Head to the YuTU Marketplace and set up your selling account.


 Nail your sales pitch! Create your first listing, trading your own skills or pick from our suggestions below


Sell to your friends – and people you don’t know yet for at least £1.00

TOP TIP: Share the app with your friends before you get started,  so they can set up their account to buy from you as soon as you’ve listed. Others in the uni can buy too and you’ll get points for each sale.

Suggested challenges


Teach someone to nail a basic juggling routine and get them to demonstrate to their friends 

Rap breakout

Teach someone the basics of freestyle rap and a simple rhythm pattern. Rap not your thing – then teach a style you’re into or even an instrument 

Get ready with me #GRWM

Treat someone to a speed fashion consultation, using their own wardrobe or creating a mood board together

(Duo) Lingo lesson

Got a 200-day Duolingo streak? Offer a ‘speed dating’ style language tutorial so someone is all set up for their next gap year

Shuffle exchange

Know all the backing dances from the Eras Tour? Teach someone a reputation-enhancing move you’ve mastered for the next Swifties night! 

Stress buster mini-mindfulness​

Give a brief guided meditation session to reduce stress and improve focus

Brainwave exchange

Offer a 10-minute speed tutorial on an especially tricky module of your course to someone in lower years

Tech troubleshooter

Offer to get someone’s specific tech problem sorted for them – they’ll love you for it!

Fit-fusion exchange - sweat and swap​

Share a speed workout focusing on an area of fitness or technique around the sport you’re involved in

The Gordon Ramsay F*****g great cooking hack 

Offer to share a simple and cheap cooking hack people can use at uni to keep themselves alive 

The Prizes

Every day, our team will vote for the two most creative listings who have achieved at least one sale

£50 voucher to XXXXXXX <local establishment with description and image of their food> plus a YuTU ¼ Zip

Sales Superhero



The most individual sales > £1

Revenue Rockstar



The most money earned across all listings

The YuTU Mentor



The most non-monetary value during the week for their fellow students – as judged by the team


Prizes will be announced daily on YuTU and our Instagram channel <channel handle>